Philosophy of Education

In the past 4 years my philosophy of teaching and learning has changed drastically; however, the basics have remained the same. I firmly believe in teaching for equity and not equality. No two children in my classroom are ever going to be the same, so why treat them the same. Each child has to be taught, reprimanded, and spoken to in a different way and it is important, as well as adamant, that I remember that as a teacher. When I first entered this program i thought treating students equally was the right thing to do. Boy was I wrong! Coming to the end of my schooling and going through my internship I have come to realize how vastly different EVERY student is. It would be impossible to run a successful classroom treating all students equally. During my internship I encountered many different types of students, each with a different motivational strategy. Some students had special needs, some worked well independently, others relied on visual steps or reminders, and still others relied on constant verbal reminders from myself or their peers. I quickly realized I had to create lessons that catered to 22 different types of learners.

As a teacher,  I feel it is my responsibility to make sure every student in my classroom meets their potential. I am aware this may mean a lot of extra work but I truly believe the end result is worth it. I had a small taste of this during my internship and I can’t say how good it felt to watch that child succeed, learn, and begin to interact with his peers. The happiness he started to radiate every day he was at school was addicting. I am looking for that same feeling every day in my classroom from all of my students. If at the end of the day I can’t say, “I did my best”, I am not doing MY job! there will never be a better feeling then seeing a smile on the face of a child when they say, “I understand” or “I can do it myself now”. That is what I teach for…I teach for my students.


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