My Final Project

For my final ECMP project I decided to combine something I love with something I struggle with and avoid. These “common enemies” are gymnastics and technology. I absolutely love gymnastics and I tend to avoid technology at all costs. If I could live by paper and pen from now until the day I die, I would in a heartbeat. However, in this modern age, that just isn’t possible nor is it acceptable in my chosen profession. Therefore, I decided if I have to live with it I might as well make it as much fun as possible…hence, my video about…GYMNASTICS!! In the video I am demonstrating and showing the “how to” steps to be able to perform a round off, back hand spring, double back tuck. I had a lot of fun shooting the video itself and I found that, with minor break downs and frustrations, the putting together of the video in iMovieMaker wasn’t all that painful either. Anyways, if you chose to watch my video, I  hope you enjoy it!


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