UCLA Racist Asian Rant- Alexandra Wallace


       As many people already know, this is the youtube video of Alexandra Wallace having a “small” mental break down about Asians in the library at UCLA. I was very surprised when I saw this video. First of all, who in their right mind finds this acceptable to say in public at all? Second of all, why would you tape it, show your face, and then broadcast it for the entire world to see? If this is something you really need to say and get off your chest, then it should be done with a few people close to you who you really trust, as opposed to the entire world. It is understandable that sometimes you just need to say something, everyone has these moments. That is human nature; however, there are still appropriate and inappropriate ways to express your frustration. This video, was clearly an inappropriate demonstration. Alexandra Wallace unjustly attacked an entire ethnic group of people without warning. If the shoe was on the other foot and someone broadcast a video attacking all the blond girls at UCLA or white people in general, I can imagine she would have taken some offence to that.

     I truly believe the school did the right thing by addressing her video and removing her from the school. I am in an Educational Administration class where I have learned that this particular video would technically be qualified as bullying other students in an elementary or highschool setting. If a school does not act upon bullying, they can be charged by the courts for not acting on the student’s behalf. School’s are required to provide a safe schooling experience for all students. However, seeing as this is a university setting, it cannot be handled in quite the same way. Seeing as students in college and university are adults, it is more of an attack on these student’s human rights. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms states that you have the right to not be discriminated against for any reason. Alexandra Wallace posting this video and making those comments would clearly be recognized as discrimination and she can therefore be charged with a criminal offence. Also, in the Saskatchewan Guide to School and Law, it states firmly in the student duties that “students are required to observe standards with respect to the rights of other persons”. Not only does this include their other classmates but every single person they come into contact without throughout their day; teachers, administrators, educational assistants, volunteers, parents, etc. I understand that the circumstances are not exactly the same. This incident took place in a university in the United States and I am speaking of Canadian rules for education and schools in an elementary or high school setting. However, the basics rules and expectations remain the same no matter where you attend school or at what level.


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