Creative Response to UCLA Racist Video

     I have to give it to this gentleman. This was a very creative response to a very hurtful and unethical video. Many people would have gotten angry or wanted to take “vengeance” in other ways such as, making their own hurtful videos. However, instead of sinking to the same level, he took a higher road and made a comical response. It is still evident that he was offended and didn’t appreciate what was said at all but instead of using discriminatory slang or hurtful words, he made fun of her in other ways. For example, he made comments about her studying patterns or the amount of make up she wears. Also, he made fun of his own language during the chorus where he sings “ching chong- it means I love you, ling long- I really want you, ting- tong I really don’t know what that means”. I found his response to be quite mature. Instead of making up his own rude comments, he pulled from comments that she made herself such as how her mom raised her to be this polite American girl, which is not evident in her rant.  Even though this was a funny song meant to make people laugh, the underlying message of how inappropriate and hurtful this video was is still evident.


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