Tech Task #9: Six Word Stories

I chose this photo because in my EPSY class we are focusing on students with exceptionalities. Although many people see exceptionalities as either a physical or mental difficulty associated with that child or a child being incredibly advanced for their age, I disagree. I think many children have many exceptionalities, some being more extreme than others. I interned in a community school in Fort Qu’Appelle and I met all kinds of students who live in conditions that are not conducive to healthy growth. This photo reminded me of some of those students.

This photo resonated with me because I absolutely hate violence and intentional hurt towards others. I remember everything about this day right from the moment I woke up and walked downstairs to where my dad was watching it to going to bed that night with my dad still watching the coverage of this devastation. So many  innocent people died this day and for what? What was really accomplished? Hurt? Pain? War? Lives of way too many being cut way to short? Families being torn apart? Doesn’t really seem worth it to me.


3 responses to “Tech Task #9: Six Word Stories

  1. These look great, Jen! I love the innocence that is depicted in your first story. Every child, regardless of disability, is deserving of a high-quality education and successful future. Before I took EPSY, my view of “exceptionality” used to be so narrow-minded. However, there really are so many conditions that can affect a child’s learning (and like you said, environment is one of these constraints). It’s up to us as teachers to make learning possible for every child!

    As for your second story, I also remember where I was. Actually, my dad was flying down to the States that exact morning, and I can remember being so scared for his safety. When I came home for lunch that day, my mom told me he was safe but wasn’t coming home for awhile (no planes were allowed to leave the country). I agree that the violence and pain just wasn’t worth it. It’s an event I will never forget.

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